Beams & Mantles

Beams offer an exceptional variety of styling options, allowing them to suit any fireplace

  • Also know as imitation beams, these are moulded from actual wooden beams and hand-finished in a choice of colours.

  • They have fewer styling options over real beams.

  • However, the major advantage is how close they can be installed to Wood burning stoves.

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  • Wooden beams are typically from solid oak wood, that is kiln dried to make it as stable as possible.

    Beam shown: Deep beam, rustic finish, Ebony colour

  • A number of size profiles are available, along with length of the beam, Most popular include:

    • Deep Beam
    • Fascia Beam

    Beam shown: Fascia beam, rounded finish, Med/Light colour

  • Additional styling options include:

    • Colour of the beam
    • Texture of the beam
    • Extras, like indents or pegs

    Beam shown: Deep beam, Aged finish, Medium colour inc Pegs

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