Fireplace hearths are an essential component of any fireplace, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Slate hearths

Slate is one of the most the popular hearths for fireplaces, its durable surface make perfect for all types of fireplace.

Along with slate being hard-wearing, it also has a number of options, including colour, texture, thickness, and edge finishes.

  • Black slate

    20mm, square edge pictured

    By far the most used, black slate is commonly available at approx. 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.

    Mostly flat, sometimes with a riven surface, and occasional fossil imprint.

  • Oversized slate and Edging

    40mm, pencil edge pictured

    Although 20-30mm is typically used, much thicker slabs can be ordered.

    Instead of square edge, slate can also be bevelled or bullnose/pencil edged.

  • Italian black slate

    30mm, bevel edge pictured

    A very deep black slate, with consistent riven pattern. Considerably more textured feel than the standard black slate.

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  • Polished & Honed granite

    Like slate granite has a number of finish options, including colours and edging options.

  • Flagstones

    Flagstones have a slightly rough texture, with uneven edges, making them look great in cottage-like fireplaces.

  • Brick hearths

    Bricks can be laid in a number of different ways, using various bricks, we regularly stock a terracotta red, and a brindle (darker red, with subtle blue).

  • Quartz

    Manufactured to have different colours and patterns, with similar properties to granite. We currently only offer white.

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